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Welcome! The Headache Care Center is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of migraine and other headache conditions. Dr. Constance J. Johnson trained and taught at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and has over 18 years experience in headache treatment.

BOTOXВ® is the newest headache treatment. Dr. Johnson can evaluate you for BOTOX and give the injections. Other conditions treated with BOTOX are blepharospasm, facial spasm, and wrinkles. Dr. Johnson also injects BOTOX for cosmetics, including crow's feet and brow lines. For more information on BOTOX call us or click on the link below for Dr. Troost's Migraine and BOTOX Site.

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    If you are overwhelmed by such feelings as despair and self-pity, you know - they are suffering from not just you. Depression in women - it is a disease, which affects thousands of women in the whole world. It is part of their homes and destroying their lives. So if you have stress and depression, the treatment of depression, without a doubt, should be fast, timely, and most importantly - effective. In this article I will try to tell you everything you need to know about depression and the conditions of its occurrence. As the saying goes, the enemy need to know in person.

    1. Depression in women - a disease in which it is impossible to live a normal and full life. People suffering from depression may experience pain such as physical, such as arthritis pain, diabetes and heart disease. Often, they can not work and spend time in a hospital or at home. Today, the disease is the second most spread, leaving behind only heart disease, and even worse, stress and antidepressants online are a direct threat to life: Fifteen percent of patients end their lives by suicide.

    2. Most doctors may not recognize the symptoms of depression Unfortunately, in most cases, stress and depression cause its mark over the years, and the doctor, instead of having to diagnose the disease, comes to the conclusion that it is nothing more than a temporary human weakness. How to recognize a woman that suffers depression and anxiety? It is sad for weeks, and it is not interested in daily activities that previously brought pleasure. In most cases, this is accompanied by the following symptoms: loss of appetite and weight (in other cases, on the other hand, a sharp rise), insomnia, rapid fatigue, poor health, a sense of despair and guilt, and finally thought of the futility of life and suicide attempts.

    3. In contrast to men, women are twice as likely to be depressed. Why do so many women suffer from depression? The answer is simple - play an enormous role hormonal differences between men and women. For example, boys and girls suffer from depression are equally, but as soon as they enter puberty, girls are more prone to this mental illness. Some researchers believe that the primary reason for the high growth of depression among women are psychological factors.

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