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Sex - part of a healthy lifestyle. Regular sex life promotes health, irregular - affects health is ambiguous, the lack of sexual activity - rather negative factor erectile dysfunction.

While having sex heart pumps blood much faster, with high pressure rushes through the vessels. This prevents the formation of blood clots, vein occlusion, is a good tool in the vegetative-vascular dystonia. Improved blood circulation contributes to a better oxygenation of body tissues, activation of brain activity and helps generate new cells in the brain. Sex - it is a sport and youth.

Regular sex strengthens the immune system (the study, University of Pennsylvania, USA: Regular sex contribute to the production of immunoglobulin A antibodies that strengthen the immune system, increases the body's resistance to infections), increase the body's resistance to infection and prevents the development of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases (research Cleveland Institute USA). Sex is a powerful antidepressant and the best remedy for stress, is an effective pain reliever and is especially good for headaches.

Thus, if a woman has a headache, it is for this reason that man can refuse sex, or maybe just want sex specifically to the headache has passed quickly.

Women are also useful to know that regular sex to improve the condition of skin, hair and nails, prevents depression (thanks prostaglandin hormone released during sex) and help easier to endure pain during menstruation (thanks to the development of the hormone estrogen). Sex helps women lose weight: during one sexual intercourse burns an average of 200 calories (this is equivalent to about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, 40 minutes of skating, 35-minute bike ride or half an hour of playing tennis). While having sex stronger even those muscle groups that are not "subject to" in any sport.

It is useful for sex and men's health. Lack of sex men prematurely ages (no sex contributes to excessive accumulation of the male hormone testosterone, which in turn leads to the acceleration of protein metabolism in the body, it rapidly aging) and makes too aggressive, while regular sex (not less than three once a week) clean the excess fat in the abdomen, lower part of the male population aged 40-55 years, the risk of heart attacks and strokes exactly twice, as well as being the best prevention of prostate cancer.

Sex - one of the best ways to combat insomnia. By promoting complete relaxation, the emergence of feelings of peace and tranquility, sex improves the quality of sleep.

The only, but rather an essential point, which is to clarify - sex and health are linked, if they engage in with a steady partner. Promiscuity with different partners often do not lead to better health and to certain problems with it. The same heart attack or prostate cancer threatens not an exemplary family man, and men who have listed their love wins an impressive number of women. Not to mention the delights of combating sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and hepatitis C.

On the other hand, the wedding and the honeymoon for boxers, wrestlers and other athletes involved in martial arts, can cause a negative effect, because when an irregular sexual life "unrealized" hormones spur aggression necessary in the ring, while the family of athletes it decreases. It is believed that sex before competitions useful for women - it fills them with energy, and vice versa, damaging to men as they are part of the energy just is given. Mohammed Ali believed that sex lowers concentration, and in front of large battles clearly refrained 6 weeks away. Famous athlete Marty Liquori said: "Sex makes you happy, and happy athletes can not run 5 km!"