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I ate and lost weight?

Action Xenical in the process of losing weight - pros and cons

The mission of orlistat, the main active ingredient of Xenical tablets, to prevent the absorption of fat by the body. In practice this is as follows. The drug blocks the enzyme work (lipase), is responsible for the splitting of dietary fat to the point where they begin to be absorbed. The result is that almost 30% of ingested fat is not absorbed, and are ejected together with the feces. The body understands that it is "bad times" and includes spending accumulated fat reserves mode for him.

Thus, with Xenical weight is reduced, according to various estimates, 20-30%. The advantage of this drug is that it is not absorbed by the blood, and thus will not cause addiction and adversely affect the internal organs and systems. This compares favorably with Xenical Reduxine. But there is a Swiss capsules and disadvantages, and it is such unpleasant side effects such as oily discharge from the straight intestine, flatulence, increased bowel movements, bloating, diarrhea, unpleasant and painful sensations in the stomach.

Xenical - instructions for use

If you do not want to receive medication forced you to face the above-described troubles, carefully read the how to take Xenical online to lose weight. Firstly, a direct indication to the use of capsules is obese (BMI greater than 30) and being overweight (BMI 25-30). For those who want to lose a couple of kilos (perhaps even unnecessary), you should pay attention to other means of weight loss - dietary supplements, diet, exercise.

Second, Xenical medication - this is only one side of the weight loss process. And the other - a shift to a moderately low-calorie food, the main point of which is to reduce fat intake. So, if your daily calorie menu is 2000 kcal, the fat per day you can eat no more than 67 grams (this amount must also distribute at all meals). This "math" is not only a positive impact on the result, but also to reduce the patient's risk of collision with the side effects of the drug. And then without consulting a doctor, to help develop a competent supply system can not do.

In addition, the tool for weight loss should be taken under the constant supervision of a physician for those who suffer kidney disease, diabetes, bulimia, anorexia. The instructions to Ksenikalu also listed a number of direct contraindications, and this information, in any case can not be ignored. The capsules must not be used:

  • pregnant and lactating women;

  • adolescents under 18 years of age;

  • suffering from a chronic syndrome of impaired intestinal absorption;

  • in diseases of the gallbladder;

  • people with a slight overweight.

Course duration is 2 months Xenical. The drug is taken with meals for one capsule. If some of the meals you are completely neglected fats, then the drug can be skipped. Tablet washed down with a glass of drinking water. The daily dosage is 1-3 capsules. If you forget to eat a capsule, for example, at lunch, and after the meal took over an hour, then take the next dose as early as dinner.

Medical experts warn that it is a cure for obesity prevents the absorption of not only fat, but fat-soluble vitamins. It is therefore important parallel "feed" your body is a complex multivitamin containing vitamins D, A, K, E, beta-carotene. Otherwise, to the already known side effects can be added problems such as chronic fecal incontinence, loss of teeth, crumbling nails, hair loss, allergic reactions and itching on the skin, headaches, perceived decline in immunity. Take vitamins should be 2 hours after the use of Xenical.


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