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Your child being bullied

Every child has a problem in relationships with peers. Some people experience this problem only occasionally, others - every day. This is due to the fact that every child, even the smallest, has a personality. In the kindergarten kids are arguing over some toys and some wellbutrin social anxiety students in schools already feel leaders and require the submission of other children.

In most cases, conflicts occur due to the inexperience of young parents who can not provide for all the cases to which the child will have to face, and give instructions only to the most common situations. If you tell her son that he was friends only with people from decent families, then it will never be friendly with everyone and always in a group there are those who will try to hurt him. The child is best to have a friendly relationship with the whole team. He may invite classmates home to do their homework together. If your son has a deep knowledge in the field of mathematics or physics, he can pull and others.

If a team there are guys who tease him, teach him to pay their comments in jest or not respond. Since the child will spend with them many years of study, it is necessary to try to make friends with these children. For this we need to find an approach to them. For example, they can invite home to watch a movie on the disc, or go to the movies together. After that, the guys already are unlikely to hurt your son or daughter.

If a team has such brawlers, a conflict which can not be settled and your child, it is best to write it goes all the bruises and injuries in some sports section, at least for the easiest sport. In vain, some parents think that they are weak and sickly child will not sustain workouts. If doctors do not forbid him to practice, then classes in the section will only benefit.

At the same time convince a child that did not let anyone hurt yourself in with dignity and defended his point of view.