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Schizophrenia in men

This disease is widely known and distributed, it is unique in some respects. The word "schizophrenia" everyone knows, but most do not understand its meaning. Often, you can find an amazing ignorance of the nature of the disease, mystical fear, contempt, aggression or indifference to suffering from schizophrenia what is quetiapine for, alienation or denial of their illness. This is due to a mental ignorance, "national" fear of psychiatry and the complexity in understanding the special psychiatric terminology.

Schizophrenia is a chronic disease with genetic predisposition and a tendency to a gradual progression. The disease manifests itself in different kinds of mental disorders, including personality changes in the specific emotional and volitional sphere.

The theory of the origin of schizophrenia is considered to be a genetic predisposition. Functional error in the activity of brain cells is laid at the genetic level, and is transmitted from one generation to another. In fact, mental disorders are the most common among family members of patients. But this law is not always observed, that it is often explained by a lack of knowledge of their sick family tree. In addition, among the close relatives are often monitored so-called "gene cluster" when mentally ill children are born to healthy parents in fact, not previously visited by psychiatrists, but having those or other "soft" deviations in the psyche. Indirectly, the presence of unfavorable heredity show cases of "oddity", obsessions, mood swings depending on the season, alcoholism, suicide cases in the family.

Along with the origin of the theory of hereditary schizophrenia, there are many others, such as viral, autoimmune, but to date there is no clear evidence for them. But it does not interfere with medical centers in finding the causes of schizophrenia and confirm the diagnosis of a particular patient unnecessarily prescribe the use of virological and other, often completely unnecessary and costly surveys.

Medicine known that schizophrenia occurs in men more often than women. In men, it starts earlier and more severe with a lot of symptoms. US specialists conducted a new study in psychiatry and clarified that in newborn boys, who were born to mothers with schizophrenia, in the brain there are anatomical abnormalities, whereas they were not found in girls.

In psychiatry for nearly 20 years, schizophrenia is considered a disease that is associated with impaired development of the brain and its functions. Recently, it became clear that the appearance of the disease may be guilty of some genes were refined their anomalies. Now I understand why having a schizophrenic family member means to have a high risk of developing schizophrenia. In addition, an important factor contributing to its development, - external effects on embryo-related infections and complications during labor in the mother.

Recently it was announced the results of research that confirms the anomalous structure of the brain in adult patients. Thanks to the latest technology found in patients diagnostics increase the size of the lateral ventricles of the brain, a low amount of gray matter in the frontal lobe and the hippocampus decrease.