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Secrets of longevity

On our planet, there are still people who, through a moderate lifestyle were able to cross the border for 100 years of age. Such people is getting smaller every year. And we definitely have a lot to learn from them best >health and medical<.

Employees of the world-famous Forbes magazine conducted a sociological study to learn the secrets of longevity of the oldest representatives of living on the planet. Participants in the survey were people who have reached 100 years of age, these people are happy to share their own secrets of longevity, which will be presented below.

Avoid carbonated drinks. It is known that such drinks have a devastating effect on the stomach wall. Instead, centenarians are advised to consume plain water, juice, juice, milk or tea.

Be engaged in your favorite business. Most of those who live to a ripe old age - these are the people who are always busy with business. They have the motivation to wake up early, go to church, do morning exercises, take care of themselves and leave time for hobbies. In short, they are people of action, not accustomed to sit in a dressing gown watching television.

Move more. It is known that reinforces the body movement. Elderly people do not necessarily engage in hard physical activity or purchase a subscription to a fitness center, the most important thing for them - to stay in motion:. Climb the stairs without a lift, carry an evening stroll, wearing bags with bags of shopping, etc. These people claim that it is in motion is the strength and vitality born.

Train your mind. Not only physical exercise play an important role in the process of life, but also the continuous development of mental skills. Ways of development of the mind set of: training, solution skanvordov and crossword puzzles, reading useful books, igha musical instruments, solution of logical problems and much more. It was found that those who engaged in the development of his mind until old age, lives far longer than any other.

Keep family ties. As shown by some studies, married people live longer. Strong family relationships allow to strengthen both physical and mental health.

Love your work. You are more likely to live a harmonious and happy life only if you get the satisfaction and great pleasure from what you do in the workplace.

Be an optimist. Almost all psychologists in one voice trumpeting that positive thinking prolongs life and fills it with new bright colors. Many residents who have reached 100 years of age, are more optimistic, and how they expressed themselves, "try to stay away from nasty people, places and things." They are always grateful for what they have and are often a source of inspiration for others.