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Pneumonia in children and adults

Despite the advances in modern medicine and the emergence of new effective antimicrobial drugs, pneumonia is a very common and life-threatening disease. According to the frequency of deaths Pneumonia is on the first place among all infectious diseases. Reduce the incidence does not work for the past many years. For example, in Russia, according to official statistics, each year at least 400 thousand new cases. However, many experts believe this figure too low. In their view, pneumonia more than one million people suffer each year in Russia.

Pneumonia - an acute infectious inflammation of the lower airways with obligatory involvement of the lung tissue (alveoli, bronchi, bronchioles).

Pneumonia Symptoms

The main symptoms of pneumonia - fever with a temperature rise to 38-39.5 C, cough, often with profuse discharge of phlegm, shortness of breath on exertion and at rest. Sometimes patients may feel discomfort or pain in the chest.

All patients with pneumonia noted general weakness, decreased performance, fatigue, sweating, insomnia, decreased appetite. In elderly patients symptoms of intoxication can dominate.

Auscultation of a patient with pneumonia inflammation of the hearth are heard wheezing different character (usually finely). At a percussion of the chest there is a sound dullness over the inflamed area. But in some patients (about one in five) local symptoms of pneumonia may not be.

Drug for the treatment of pneumonia

The basis of the treatment of pneumonia is the use of antibacterial drugs. Selection of the drug, its dosage and duration of application determined by the physician, depending on the patient's age, clinical features of pneumonia and associated diseases.

Buy Amoxil online is used to treat many different types of infections caused by bacteria, such as ear infections, bladder infections, pneumonia, gonorrhea, and E. coli or salmonella infection.

Risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing pneumonia:

  • 1)disorders of internal organs, primarily, kidney, heart, lung, decompensated.

  • 2)Immune deficiency.

  • 3)Cancer.

  • 4)Implementation of mechanical ventilation.

  • 5)Central nervous system disorders, including epilepsy.

  • 6)Age older than 60 years.

  • 7)Conducting general anesthesia.

Pneumonia in Children

The symptoms of pneumonia in a child are similar to those in adults. Particular attention is paid to the frequency of respiratory movements and the appearance of shortness of breath. Pathology, life-threatening respiratory rate is considered to be more than 40 per minute in children older than 1 year. The appearance of shortness of breath on the background of ARI - a poor prognostic sign.

I would like to highlight the wider prevalence of "atypical" agents of pneumonia in children. In this regard, it is desirable to use antibiotics of macrolide in the acute treatment regimens pneumonia in children.

Given the high probability of developing complications from respiratory and cardiovascular systems, preferred hospital treatment of such patients.

Pneumonia in Pregnancy

Acute pneumonia in pregnant women, even a benign course, is very dangerous, both for the woman and the fetus. This is due to the direct influence of intoxication, and the negative influence of prescribed drugs.

Even when a minimum of cold symptoms should consult a doctor that is associated with a high prevalence of latent forms of the disease is mild at first, but can cause serious complications. Diagnosis on General Principles. Radiography is possible and relatively safe for the fetus after 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Antibiotic therapy is only performed when the diagnosis confirmed. Treatment only in a hospital.In general, pneumonia is not a cause for termination of pregnancy.


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