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fungal diseases Diflucan

The fungus is a common disease, which is subject to a large number of people. With a fungal infection may be encountered in almost any public place, even in the air of your apartment is a certain number of microorganisms that can cause fungus

The male half of humanity is more susceptible to this unpleasant disease, because they sweat, usually much higher than that of women. Parasites also particularly like to be is in a wet environment. Fungal infections in men are contagious, so their treatment should not be delayed indefinitely, it is best to visit the doctor together with a partner.

Common types of fungal diseases

There are certain symptoms, indicating the presence of the fungus in the groin area. This is a strong redness and itching (burning) of the genitals. If you notice these symptoms in yourself, probably, is a fungal infection. The most common male diseases of this type are urogenital candidiasis (thrush) and candidiasis balanoposthitis.

Among fungal diseases often can be encountered with thrush, which is common among both female and male population. However, recent infection culprit is most often sexual contact with a sick partner, while women tend to become infected is sexual contact.

The disease called candidiasis balanoposthitis, as well as thrush caused by Candida fungi. Symptoms of these diseases are similar: severe itching in the area of ​​the penis, inflammation of the glans. The infection is easily transmitted through sexual contact. At risk are men with diabetes, thyroid disease, obese. Lowered immunity allows infections to develop faster in the affected areas of the body.

Fringed eczema - a fungal infection that is most common is that of men. It may be transmitted through contact with an infected person and use his personal belongings. When infection in the groin area there are small pink scaly spots, which gradually increased in size. The spots have sharply defined boundaries and subject to itching.

Prevention and treatment of fungal infections

The best prevention of fungal diseases of the genital organs in men is personal hygiene, as well as the necessary protection during intercourse. Be sure to dry it thoroughly after washing the penis, because the moisture - a fertile ground for the development of the fungus. Prefer underwear made from natural materials. Do not wear too tight-fitting underwear, which provokes sweating, not allowing the air to circulate properly inside.

It is not recommended to use during washing gels, which contain large amounts of flavorings because they can irritate the skin in the genitals area. For this purpose, it is desirable to use special means for intimate hygiene or normal baby soap without fragrances.

The necessary infection treatment should appoint doctor, examining the results of patient tests. It is not necessary to independently use drugs without consulting your doctor, since such treatment does not bring the desired result, and advanced disease can develop into a chronic or more serious illnesses.

Fungal infections of the penis are often treated using special ointments and antihistamines. Furthermore, in addition to the treatment of various settings can be assigned. During this period, should be particularly careful to wash the penis and groin area, just changing underwear. Avoid, if possible, profuse sweating, which paves the way for the development of infection. On average, the treatment may take up to two weeks.