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Impotence treatment methods for its

Impotence - a disease that gives men not only physical but also psychological discomfort. Can it be prevented or cured? Try to understand.causes of impotency in men

Erectile dysfunction - a pathological condition, reduced potency, the inability to get an erection during intercourse. Currently dysfunction affects not only men of mature age. According to statistics, more and more often the disease occurs in younger. To think that a man suffers a violation of potency, it is possible, if it does not have sexual desire, it does not get an orgasm, while attraction is not an erection.

There are two main causes of erectile dysfunction: psychological (non-specific) and the physical (organic). Organic dysfunction occurs in disorders in the body. For physical impotence cause circulatory disorders (high blood pressure, heart disease), diabetes, hormonal failure (decrease in testosterone), nervous system diseases. The most common - a vascular cause.

Psychic impotence is associated with constant stress. It results from stress, fear, dissatisfaction with life, conflict relations in the family. Mental Disorders (depression, schizophrenia) sometimes can cause impotence. About psychological impotence is the presence during sleep or in the morning erection, ejaculation with potency at unconventional sex.

Long-term abstinence in sex life can also lead to a decrease in sexual function. This is especially harmful to men after 40. There are cases of sexual function decline, if a man has violated his certain stereotype of sexual life. Having a permanent partner, the man is untenable with another woman. Or it communicates with a constant woman, but sex is a desert environment and unusual situation. Therefore, to avoid psychological dependence in this case, sometimes makes a variety of intimate life. Men with labile psyche, finding themselves in a situation where a sexual act was unsuccessful, may worry the next time. Gradually, man becomes sure of his inferiority and turns into a full impotent.

Smoke can also be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. Upon cancellation of cigarette sexual function is fully restored. Established by the fact that at least a few hours before close quitting smoking will increase the potency.

Alcohol has a negative effect on erection. Abuse it reduces sexual interest, and even lead to serious disorders of sexual activity.

The causes of impotence include obesity. By reducing the weight and normal sexual activity of men.

Too heavy exercise also affect potency. The body can not recover quickly, and sexual activity is reduced. Therefore, if you do sports in moderation, it will benefit. But cycling can damage and increase the risk of impotence.

Impotence is curable. There are many different methods, but the main obstacle arises from the fact that men do not want to go to the doctor with this problem. Treatment depends on the cause. If it's smoking, drinking in the first place, you have to give up these habits. When organic because treatment is complex, but begin with the underlying disease.

The most effective drug treatment. Use products that enhance the potency. Methods of treatment include psychotherapy. Sessions doctor to help get rid of the disturbing problems, will give confidence.

Good results are obtained by injection therapy. The method consists in the fact that the penis is administered drug, which improves blood supply. Method expensive, but immediately after the injection is restored erection.