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Life without lack of sleep and insomnia

Insomnia: what to do?

What to do if there was insomnia? If every time we have to deal with in order to sleep, no matter how much you want to sleep ... If you wake in the night for a few hours is a habit ... try to analyze the basic tips and recommendations that enable psychologists to deal with insomnia.


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What is insomnia and what symptoms she is accompanied by?

Sleep disorders are quite popular neurosis that affects the emotional state of man, energy, health and performance. Chronic insomnia is often the cause of serious health problems. However, small changes in your life and some exercise can relieve you from anxiety nights.

Symptoms of insomnia:

  • difficulty falling asleep;

  • early awakening;

  • the need for alcohol or sleeping pills to sleep soundly;

  • fatigue, daytime sleepiness, irritability and inability to focus on the work process;

  • periodic awakening at night.

Insomnia - a sleep disorder where a person is not able to fully relax. As a result, in the morning he feels fatigue and irritability. Keep in mind that different people need sleep duration. The extent of the disease is determined by the quality of sleep, well-being in the morning and the time it takes to fall asleep. You can even sleep at night 8 o'clock, but if later during the day you feel tired and sleepy, so you can already diagnose "insomnia".

Causes of insomnia

Insomnia can also act as a consequence of poor lifestyle choices or bad habits. For example, this applies to caffeine lovers or those who experience stress on a daily basis.

Yet there is good news - most often a sleep disorder can be cured! This can be done without taking the medication.

Physiological and psychological reasons

Sometimes sleep disturbance is temporary (just a couple of days). In such situations, a person seen as temporary negative factors - stress or strong emotion in front of the upcoming event. At other times, insomnia is a stable phenomenon, from which you want to get rid of.

Sometimes the main problem of the appearance of symptoms of sleep disorders As for mental or physical activity of the person:

  • Psychological factors that cause unpleasant symptoms: periodic appearance of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, bipolar disorder, constant stress.

  • Medications, negatively affecting sleep: medicines against the flu or common cold phenomena, including painkillers, alcohol, caffeine, corticosteroids.

  • Some diseases: Parkinson's syndrome, increased thyroid function, renal pathology, reflux (acid), allergic reactions, severe persistent pain, asthma, cancer.

What to do with a lack of sleep?

"Tormented by insomnia, what to do?" - The question we hear from our customers more and more often. Of course, the more difficulties you are experiencing because of the dream, the more it starts to invade your thoughts. You may be afraid to go to sleep, because I just believe that you will find a restless sleep for many hours. Perhaps you worry, as you will find a tough day tomorrow, and if you do not get some sleep my eight hours, are confident that fall through an important presentation at work. Waiting difficulties with sleep only exacerbate the situation with insomnia, excitement fills your body with adrenaline, and while you think about it you can not sleep.


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