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DHT in men

Sex hormone - is the element of the body, affects the growth, development and functioning of the male reproductive system. It is important to emphasize that this biological and not chemical definition. Regarding the chemical structure, the DHT is a steroid hormone buy avodart online. Secreted in the male androgens are divided in their structure to the adrenal and testicular.

Premature hair loss at an early age is just a side effect of the action of DHT. As a result of the high concentration of DHT in the hair follicles, there is unwanted hair growth in women by male pattern (face, chest, arms, legs). As a result, the low concentration - hair loss in both sexes, lack of sexual development in adolescents.

As a result, the low concentration of DHT in the body can develop a so-called feminization syndrome - lack of cell sensitivity to testosterone, and this form already requires treatment.

DHT is much denser interacts with the androgen receptor cells than its predecessor testosterone, so despite the lower concentration has a significant androgenic effect. For example, the hormone DHT is involved in the development of the activity of the prostate is much stronger than testosterone, and this is the most valuable factor in the use of DHT for effective treatment of many diseases of the prostate.

Studies have shown that a strong increase in hormone concentration (than the norm), including associated with the use of testosterone preparations, causing uncontrolled progression of the growth of the prostate gland.

Male hormone dihydrotestosterone affects not only on the prostate gland, but participates in the most important biochemical and physiological processes of other organs. It's the hair bulb, the external and internal sex organs, the skeleton, the muscle mass of the body (which is successfully used by bodybuilders and athletes).


Many researchers believe that adrenal secretion of DHT for men and women has a great physiological importance. However, with age comes a decrease in the secretion of adrenal and testicular DHT, and decreased secretion of adrenal androgens begins earlier. Currently, there are many supporters of DHEA therapy to reduce the symptoms of aging. But the treatment of aging is in the indefinite future.

Dihydrotestosterone increased in women. In the female body the male sex hormone affects a myriad of physiological, biological, chemical reactions, and therefore even a slight deviation from the norm can cause serious disruptions to multiple systems. Androgen hormone affects the natural sweating, protein, water and fat and carbohydrate metabolism, catalyzes the sebaceous glands is responsible for libido.

This male sex hormones affect the right structure and development of the skeleton and muscles of the body. Elastic braid, attractive rounded shape, velvety skin and a gentle voice - for women it all depends on the concentration of sex hormones, including male. The main androgen - dihydrotestosterone is synthesized in the adrenal cortex, and ovaries.

Increased DHT in women is the cause of acne, greasy skin and hair (hair weak, brittle, falling), hair on the female body for male pattern. For this reason, women have long been interested in medical facilities and of natural origin, which would help to reduce this unpleasant effects of DHT on the appearance.

Erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction in men and young adulthood is noted often enough, but to date this question has been studied not quite despite the efforts of specialists from different countries of the world.

The main difficulty in the diagnosis and finding a solution to this problem lies in the fact that men are almost always embarrassed to talk with a specialist on the subject and consult your doctor. Not to mention the fact that this disease be prevented or at least to be tested.