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Insomnia or sleep disorder - a problem faced by almost all. Insomnia is characterized not only by lack of sleep, but also the inability to sleep well, and may also include difficulty falling asleep, duration of sleep or lack of early awakening followed by the inability to fall asleep again.

Causes of insomnia. What causes insomnia?

The causes of insomnia, a lot, and the most common are psychological problems, violation of habitual modes, as well as other diseases (heart, liver, etc.) Or the use of psychotropic drugs, alcohol, or a cup of strong coffee, drunk before going to sleep, overeating in the evening especially heavy, fatty foods. Insomnia can cause intense mental work, noisy games, fascinating reading before bedtime or smoking. Insomnia also occurs when fatigue or constant expectation of poor sleep and related experiences, as well as lack of physical activity. If a person is in a state of deep depression, then it falls asleep with difficulty or can not sleep at all xanax. Remember that when you are excited, it is also experiencing difficulties with sleep. When insomnia is caused by some other disease, its treatment - is the best means to get rid of insomnia.

Scientists at Oxford University have conducted the following experiment. 50 patients were selected, insomniacs. They were divided into three groups. The first group was the job count sheep at bedtime. Participants had to submit a second some relaxing picture of nature. And the third part of the team trying to fall asleep without any aids. The experiment revealed that participants who imagined waterfall, fell asleep 20 minutes faster. And the rest of the subjects fell asleep as usual. Based on this experience, experts have concluded that the presentation of the soothing scenes of nature helps to fall asleep much faster than through the sheep.

Insomnia is often caused by fear of seeing nightmares, and fear arises in the subconscious, achelo-yek justifies its state of fatigue, noise and other external causes. In order to avoid this, a couple of hours sleep before you think about the disturbing problem, consider various options for solving it. Knowing that you have done everything, to cope with it will help to calm down and not think about lying in bed problem. You must learn to relax, to unload you from serious problems. As they say, "sleep on it". Fight insomnia is possible and with the help of pills, but it can cause side effects, besides developing addictive to them.

Symptoms of insomnia

Very often, people who suffer from insomnia, it seems that they do not sleep at all. Most of them say that during the day they are constantly sleepy and can not sleep at night, or napping, immediately wake up, often see the same dreams.

Sleep disturbance and insomnia - symptoms of many diseases. In the human brain there is a very ancient formation - the thalamus. This natural computer which collects information about the state of the body: a blood sugar level, an amount of salt, body temperature, presence of inflammation at some place organism etc. There also receives information about the external conditions: temperature, wind, day or night. Thalamus provides interaction of the organism and the environment, there are departments that provide the sequence of sleep and wakefulness

Stuffy room, infections, prolonged pain (aching tooth), stressful situations at home or at work - all these causes can lead to sleep disorders and insomnia. Lack of full sleep entails further deterioration of health, decrease the body's resistance, and thus the emergence of new diseases. In addition, insomnia is getting worse attention, there is irritability, nervousness, and many other symptoms, which are imprinted on the relationships in the family, with friends and at work.

Recognize insomnia easily by complaints about the lack of sleep and an external view of the patient: puffiness under the eyes, red eyes, dry mouth, drowsiness, depression.

Fight against insomnia

There are some simple rules that will significantly improve the quality of sleep.

  • Very useful to take a walk before going to sleep in the open air.
  • An hour before bedtime did not engage in heavy physical work or strenuous mental work.
  • Create a restful sleep favorable conditions. Before going to bed, ventilate the room, and even better - to open the window all night. The bed should be comfortable, blanket - light but warm. Not hide with the head and does not cover the face with a pillow.
  • The main rule for healthy sleep - sleep relaxed environment, make sure that you are not disturbed.
  • It is advisable to go to bed no later than 23 hours and at the same time.
  • Dinner should be light. And it is best to abstain from foods that cause stimulation of the nervous system: coffee, tea and alcohol.

But it is very important - do not worry that you can not sleep. The most important thing for a quick sleep - a relaxation of the body and relief from anxiety and fear. To do this, you can take a warm relaxing bath with sea salt or foam of approximately 10-15 minutes, and then immediately go to bed. Try to think of something pleasant for you. Implementation of these tips will help you to quickly fall asleep, and then sleep will be quiet and strong.


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