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How to treat impotence?

Treatment of impotence: methods and drugs

Erectile dysfunction may occur in men and in the elderly and young. 52% of those suffering from sexual disorder - in most cases people aged 40-70 years. In order to understand how to treat impotence in men, the doctor should identify the causes of the disease. According to statistics, in 80% of cases the causes of erectile dysfunction are organic in nature (when the patient has cardiovascular, endocrine and other diseases). In 20% of cases male impotence develops due to psychogenic disorders.

We can distinguish the following most effective methods and means for the treatment of impotence in men.

Rational schedule

The rational organization of the daily routine - it is a simple but effective method of preventing impotence. By "rational mode of the day" is meant the optimal alternation of work and rest. If the working and personal time are calculated correctly, then all body systems are working properly. Women whose husbands have impotence at an early stage, it is important to pay particular attention to healthy sleep spouse organization, because without it, the brain can not be a full-fledged vacation, nervous system and muscles. Chronic lack of sleep in men undermined the health and exhausted nervous system, which in turn leads to a weakening of potency. The duration of sleep is individual for each person, on average, the figure is 8-9 hours a day, at the same time to go to bed is better to 12 hours of the night. A perfect recipe for the prevention of male impotence are walking in the fresh air. Also, prior to the appointment of special preparations should try to give up hard work, start keeping a regular sex life, and avoiding long abstinence, and frequent sex.

Exercise for impotence

Regular exercise in the gym or at home to help man strengthen the immune system and maintain muscle tone. Each loving wife to her husband to offer the joint execution of a complex of simple exercises for impotence.

In 2012, the drug in question was included in the list of vital and essential drugs (VED) and only 1 January 2016 was a ban on its use by athletes: mildronat (meldonium) was found doping. It is in connection with the "extensibility" in time and is related to many questions about the legality of the statements that meldonium - doping. At the same time, the United States, for example, mildronat has not been approved for use in the same in 2012 - check it out on the "doping component" all 4 years did not have time? But this is all rhetorical questions, we also important to note that the "official" indication for use in meldonium quite a lot, in particular, mildrona:

  1. Walking raising the knees high. Starting position: standing up, back straight, hands are lowered. Legs raised up pressing his knees to his stomach.
  2. Squats. Starting position: standing up, back straight, hands on his belt, legs slightly bent at the knees. A man must make shallow squats while to stretch the muscles of the buttocks. Legs bent as much as possible.
  3. Running on the spot. Starting position: standing up, back straight, knees bent. The man starts to run on the spot. This work should only heels, socks do not break away from the floor, your knees are moving at a fast pace back and forth.
  4. Tension and relaxation of intimate muscles. Starting position: any position. It is necessary to alternately tense and relax the muscles between the testicles and anus. During a workout, strengthens the intimate muscles responsible for potency in men.

Medications treat impotence

Medicines for impotence - is the pharmacological agents that help carry out effective treatment of sexual dysfunction in men. These (usually available in the form of tablets) contribute to hardening and increase in volume of the penis, thus becoming a full coitus. Medicines prescribed by a doctor only, and the administration of drugs is strictly controlled. Only in this case it is guaranteed by the use of pills for impotence and exclusion of side effects risk. For the purpose of certain medications the doctor takes into account the causes of erectile dysfunction and the side of the disease.

The drug Viagra - a drug to combat impotence

When pill Viagra in men normalizes the blood vessels and increases sexual potency. One of the action of the drug is also improved psycho-emotional component of sexual life. The drug is sold in pharmacies. Every caring wife husband can buy viagra online canada pills to restore potency. Drugs to treat impotence help maintain an erection throughout the sexual act. At the same time the effect of pills for impotence does not depend on the time of their admission

Viagra restores potency in men who are not able to gain or maintain erection on the needed level. At the moment, this is the most effective drug for the prevention of the erectile dysfunction which helps in 100% of cases, during each use, regardless of the causes and severities of ED.

Vacuum therapy for impotence

Vacuum therapy - is one of the most popular procedures, which allows men get rid of impotence (erectile dysfunction). This method is effective in over 90% of cases, recovery potency. Vacuum therapy has established itself as a safe treatment for ED, acting as an alternative to surgery (implantation of implants) and reception products. In the course of treatment around the penis creates a vacuum, which causes the natural blood flow to the penis.

Surgical treatments for impotence

For the treatment of impotence in men following surgical methods can be used.

Revascularization of the penis. To treat male impotence can be one of the methods of microsurgical revascularization of the penis. The most popular treatment - surgery Michal-2. The surgeon creates an anastomosis between the inferior epigastric artery and dorsal artery of the penis. Also used Virag 5 operation to combat impotence, at which the anastomosis inferior epigastric artery and deep dorsal vein.

Venous Surgery. This method is treated impotence with penile lesions venookklyuzivnogo mechanism. Surgical treatment is of several types: 1) spongiolizis 2) ligation of the legs of the penis, 3) endovascular embolization of veins of the penis, 4) ligation and resection of the corporal and emissarnyh veins. Venous surgery is often performed in conjunction with traditional methods of treatment and medication.

Endofalloprotezirovanie. This surgical treatment is considered the most effective. It allows you to get rid of impotence in 90% of all cases. Treatment helps to restore the rigidity of the penis during implant inserted into the corpora cavernosa


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