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The problem of hair loss

Hair loss - is a complex phenomenon, caused by a large number of reasons. Unfortunately, most people's misconception is that it is impossible to fight hair loss, although it is not so, especially now that modern cosmetology offers a wealth of high-performance tools to combat hair loss. If a person notices a gradual deterioration of the condition of the hair, when one sees that after scratching a comb is a huge tuft, then he must be sure to seek help from a trichologist, as only an expert can give a competent assessment of the problem propecia dose and determine the ways of its solution. After reading this article, you will have an idea of ​​what specifically will need to talk to your doctor.

In medicine, loss of hair is called alopecia. In men, the disease is most often seen in the form of androgenetic alopecia when suffering from hair loss and frontal parietal area. In androgenetic alopecia, the man on the head are formed so-called receding hairline, the first signs of which have lain in adolescence. Perhaps education and complete baldness on the crown.

The cause of androgenetic alopecia is damage to the hair follicles hormone dihydrotestosterone, resulting in hair growth slows down, and do the hair flat out and then completely fall out.

One type of temporary manifestation of alopecia is alopecia or alopecia, alopecia, hair loss in which is fixed at any one (usually small) portion of hair. This type of hair loss can occur both on the scalp and eyebrows, eyelashes and even the beard. There are cases when the disease spreads further throughout the body. Alopecia areata usually preceded by pruritus, but sometimes fixed and asymptomatic disease onset.

Another form of temporary hair loss is telogen Effluvium. This type of baldness most often begins to develop after a person has suffered any serious illness, or have experienced severe stress. In this type of baldness the hair falls out the most during their washing or combing. In this type of baldness disease usually not formed.

If you notice excessive hair loss (especially when you comb or wash them), how can consult a doctor as soon as possible. Sudden hair loss may indicate a more serious condition and require significant treatment.

Perhaps you think that baldness is most pronounced in men than in women, but in reality the disease equally affects both men and women. Scientific evidence suggests that for fifty years, with varying degrees of hair loss are facing up to 50% of women.

Hair loss in women is most often seen in the form of androgenetic alopecia on the female type. Most clearly this type of hair loss manifests itself on the top and sides of the head. Typically, this problem faced by women who reach menopause, but this disease can begin and a few years earlier.