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Probably not in the world a richer place in the legends associated with the game in the casino than the principality of Monaco with its famous Casino of Monte Carlo. If you live long enough in this colorful European paradise, we can learn from roulette online for fun the locals heartbreaking stories about various events of the past. For example, there is talk about one case, which occurred at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries at the roulette table in Monte Carlo casino.

This is a story about a certain Jacques, a native of Marseilles, compulsive gamblers roulette and the favorite of women. Once Jacques, being on fire, winning in Monte Carlo casino bank. He boldly put on the number and the dealer only had time to count his winnings. And Jacques, in the heat of passion suddenly notices that the table among the crowd of onlookers is beautiful stranger, nice girl from an aristocratic family. He at first sight falls in love with her and, being a man fast to the words and actions, offers:

Mademoiselle, I do not know your name or who you are and where. I gave you only one eye and is now in love. And I have no life without you longer! Let me just say that they are willing to marry me, and I'll throw everything for you!

The whole thing happened when two dozen witnesses who watched the game at the roulette table. The application of the young rake aroused great interest among the audience. The girl, a little embarrassed for decency, however, asked him a most difficult question in his life:

- And what, you're ready to quit for the sake of me even roulette?

- Yes, mon cher! I do this last fall and bet me dead if I ever again dare to put at least one franc roulette!

The girl agreed to the terms of Jacques. Soon they were married, and Jacques never reneged, as long as they were together. History will remember for years to come Thanks extravagant antics of the young Frenchman. And there was nothing before the time, until Jacques did not appear again in the casino ...

The sedate old man who has lived most of his life in the family with his beloved wife in the French town of Menton, near Monaco, come to the casino of Monte Carlo to break his word to them his beloved about 30 or 40 years ago. He exchanged a stack of banknotes into chips and put everything on zero. Neither unsuspecting dealer and other players almost did not pay attention to the extravagant gentleman. Is that the rate was somewhat high and only one. While spinning the ball, all eyes were fixed on him when he fell, with him quietly descended to the floor, and old Jack. He died immediately as broken his word and re-played roulette.

Later it became known that Jacques knew what was going on. The love of his life, his dear wife, died two weeks earlier, and live, Jacques was not going without her. By the way, dropped zero. Monte Carlo Casino rightly handed player winning family-romance.