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How to lose weight fast

To begin with we define the concept - what it means to lose weight quickly?

We need to help the person for a short time, 2-4 weeks to lose about 4-6 kgs. It is assumed that there are significant for him in person need to lose weight for a particular date, a particular event. Options for a great variety of events. From New Year's party before the wedding, her, or best friend, overseas tours, meeting classmates, employment, the role of the trial, and so on. In other words, the purpose of the particular any longer. We know what we need to lose weight, how much and by when. It remains only to find out how.

Lose weight fast. Is it real?

I am in my practice has accumulated a lot of observations, when people lose weight in the past month at 5-6 and even at 8 kilograms. And we feel it is quite comfortable. The text, by the way, is largely the result of a generalization of my patients experience.

But, friends, or ten or fifteen kilos can not be reset in two weeks. And even attempt it is not necessary. Tips outlined below will suit you, but if you will correct the problem and determine for themselves the real purpose.

Our strategy of rapid weight loss

We need to encourage our body to spend its own fat. And you know, there is a set of situations where he spends stocks with great pleasure. For example, this morning I want to have considerably less than in the evening. This is because in the first half of the day our body due to jet lag is oriented on food stocks, and in the evening, on the contrary, on the replenishment of stocks. In the spring of losing weight it is much better than in the autumn. Women in the first phase of the cycle shed weight more easily than the second. The same reason - seasonal and monthly biorhythms.

Energy from fat served load of medium intensity type of Nordic Walking. While in intensive running our body uses mainly carbohydrates supply, by the way, is quite modest, which can fill up only from food. Therefore, on average background intensity loads often we notice a decrease in appetite, whereas after intensive exercise appetite usually increases.

Extracting energy from fat and is supported by our muscle tone. One might say the higher tone our better fat burning. Increased tone characteristic, if we are engaged in interesting work, we have a good mood when we do something, it brings us closer to the goal. All of these situations are characterized by a decrease in appetite. All right, in the food there is no need, if our body extracts energy from fat. Many women suffer from loss of appetite against the background of love and courtship.

And if your goal is for you pohudatelnye really significant, it is bound to cause a tone boost switches exchange for preferential consumption of fat, it will make it easier compliance with the right diet. A very simple way to maintain a high tone is improving walking and toning exercises.

The second very important strategic point (most important, perhaps, it is even the first), it is of interest to your body, taking care of it. Change accents. If every time before you forced your body to lose weight, subjected him to violence, now you just have to help your body lose weight. The body is not as much as we want to be healthy slender and attractive. But to suffer too much, he does not intend to. During our slimming your body has to feel good. And here we our observation come in handy. If we feel comfortable, a burst of energy, good mood, feel ease if our appetite is easily controlled and met a small amount of food, so we do everything correctly. If, however, we feel fatigue, weakness and hunger, which is about to become unbearable, so we again went too far and went to cooperate with the body to violence.

Another important strategic point. Most techniques pohudatelnyh as main effects suggest diet. In our approach, the power will be most supportive factor. The body can not produce fat from everything you need for your life. We need another protein for a comfortable amount of carbohydrates (mainly powered brain glucose), vitamins, minerals and trace elements. All this can take only food.

So, the body spends fat, remove fat from the energy, and we are giving him just enough food that he did not feel the shortage of protein, vitamins, and other things. Because if there is a deficit, we will immediately feel discomfort. And if our body to overcome this deficiency fails, it is likely to stop fat consumption and request food.

Our weight loss tactics

Our main tactic is the combined three-pronged approach. Relatively speaking, the impact of helping to lose weight, refer either to the field of psychology and attitudes, or to motor activity, or to the power supply. We use all these influences together. Because the combined use of these effects reinforce and support each other. Walking reduces appetite. Scant light meal helps good sleep. Get enough sleep promotes good mood, and improve the tone. With a good positive mood appetite is controlled much better than the poor. We need less food as a sedative. And so on.

The thought is material

If we see a goal and go for it, our body fills us with energy, which is taken from reserves. Actually, he formed the reserves set aside this energy, believing that one day we will deal with something really useful. Vision goals tones human, increases the activity of adrenaline and noradrenaline. And these hormones directly cause fat breakdown and energy yield of the stocks in the blood.

We really need to lose weight. We just need to weigh in two weeks for three - four kilograms less. We are fully aware of this. We know as well that if done correctly, our goal is achievable. We can clearly see their purpose and clearly see the route that will move. We are in a state of creative enthusiasm. And all that is required of us, this state support.

And for this, there are several methods:

As often as possible thoughts back to his goal. Think of how you can more clearly all the benefits that you get. How do you see yourself more clearly than urgent for you to your goal, the more active in the system retrieves all the fat from the depot. And accordingly, the faster and more comfortable losing weight.

Remember the purpose of helping the visualization techniques. It can be elegant clothing that is now too small to you, but when you lose weight, it's just. Let the clothes hanging in a prominent place. In the mind can be a picture of you slimmer and younger. After a couple of weeks, you can get close to that image. It helps and keeping a journal where you write down your feelings.

You will be much easier to lose weight if you're on vacation and you do not have a lot of other things and worries.