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In the course of numerous experiments, scientists found that the main cause of early death rate of men is an irresponsible attitude to their sexual health. When the first failure in the reproductive system working men exposed to stress, come out of the state of mental equilibrium. In 80% of cases, sexual lack of, implementation results in severe depression, neurosis, symptoms of uncontrolled aggression.

This is a completely logical explanation in terms of physiology. The fact that the male hormone testosterone, which is the most important factor in the work of the heart, kidneys, liver, nervous system, is able to be produced only in the process of sexual intercourse.

The couple does not goes well with the battered seksMuzhchina sexual health often begins to feel a general malaise, becomes irritable, uncollected, aggressive and overly emotional. And this is the right leads to the fact that a person does not have the strength for self-realization, which for men is a priority in my life.

It turns out very dark picture, which resembles a vicious circle. How to get out of it, how to solve the problem? In many emerging intimate questions you can find answers to our site. In particular, in his chapter on "Sexual Health of Men" will affect a very important issue, which will be discussed below.

On this scale the theme we want to stay apart, dedicating her a lot of interesting materials. After all, sex (or love) the act - it is a multifaceted phenomenon, the apotheosis of love, unity of souls, bodies and desires. No wonder the ancient erected this ritual in the degree of high art. Even from a purely physiological point of view the process of sexual intercourse is very complicated and requires a lot of energy.

In the concentrated, powerful rush of feeling the whole body responds: quickens breathing, increased heart activity, blood pressure rises, expands capillary vessels. All the indicators reach the level as at the most intense sporting event! Sometimes instant rush of blood to the brain is capable of a few seconds to disturb his mental functions.

As long as a man full of energy and does not complain about the most important component of sex - a good and long-lasting erections, all other problems of an intimate nature can be solved quite easily. But with the passage of time changes your overall health, there are disruptions in the body, which becomes a source of problems with erection.

How many different drugs, pills, supplements, massage, exercise, ointments and spells invented by people to solve the main problem of the male! How much speculation and gossip about this topic! News about the opening of new panaceas continue to arrive punctually. But the causes of weak erection is different, and one drug may not help everyone at once. Each tool has indications and contraindications.