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Why men go bald

This issue bothers men for centuries. Many associate the presence of their head of hair with a young and attractive, and its loss is considered a sign of approaching old age. A part of the male hair loss justify testosterone levels, based on the belief that baldness in men - is a sign of masculinity. But not for nothing that a few centuries, scientists and eat their own bread, they did a lot of research and found the true reason of why men hair fall out.

Genetic predisposition

One of the most common causes - genetic. It does not depend on a bad haircut, or from close cap. In this case it is better to look into the genetic tree. An important source of information is not only the paternal line, and a parent. If one of the ancestors or had a bald head, and the risk of baldness is quite high.

Why is this happening? What man gets from his ancestors inherited? A man inherits this kind of hair follicles that are sensitive to male sex hormones. This type is called follicular androgen dependent. There are such degrees of sensitivity to hormones:

  • High - men literally 5 years become completely bald.
  • Average - baldness stretched on for decades.
  • Low - bald man slowly, sometimes for life.

This means that, like all hereditary diseases, male pattern baldness is the age of manifestation. That is, hair loss is programmed since birth. These follicles for some reason nature has placed only in the frontal and parietal region (androgen-dependent area). The temporal and occipital areas such bulbs do not. These areas are called androgen-independent.

When approaching a certain age, the follicles become sensitive to male hormones and hair loss process starts. Why is this happening? Under the influence of certain enzymes, testosterone is transformed into dihydrotestosterone, and begins to act on the hair follicles. This DHT is the reason that men go bald, even at an early age with androgenetic alopecia. This hormone causes a spasm of the capillaries, violates the synthesis of protein and starts the process of degeneration in the hair follicles. There are three degrees of degeneration of hair follicles:

  • The first degree - the period of active hair growth is reduced to 2 years.
  • Second degree - the phase of hair growth is one year.
  • The third degree - growth phase locked.

During this pathological process hair follicle shrinks, the hair from her growing thin. Growth time is reduced, gradually lost pigmentation and hair becomes thin and colorless. If this process takes several years, the follicle dies and in its place formed a scar.

Treatment of androgen, or hereditary, baldness propecia will be in several directions:

  • Protecting the hair follicles from the aggressive action of hormones.
  • Unlocking the follicles that are in an inactive phase.
  • Creating the conditions for the preservation and growth of hair.
  • Securing the results.

But in order to obtain the desired effect, treatment should be approached with responsibility. The results of treatment are largely dependent on how many years the man and how early he started to go bald. That is, the sooner a man to see a specialist, the weight is the result.


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