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Types of depression

Numerous studies scholars around the world confirm that depression is the most common disease and is on a par with cardiovascular diseases. From this emotional disorders suffer today, millions of people of different sexes, ages and nationalities. Health services in almost all countries concerned about the situation and are working actively to promote information about the kinds of depression and how her therapy.

There are different types of depression - mild form that quickly passes, and changes to the normal state of health, to severe, when the strongest decline in depressive mood suddenly changes to lifts. Usually, depression affects people who have had a genetic predisposition to the disease. Anyway, any form of depression interferes with 20-35% of the people live a normal life. This disease brings suffering not only to the patient but also his close associates.

In order to completely cure or alleviate the symptoms of such a manifestation of a serious illness, like depression, it is best to contact qualified professionals ready to provide the necessary psychological support. Information contained in the psychotherapeutic medical center site can be useful for you or your loved ones.

Clinical depression

Depression, which requires a complex treatment combining medication and the help of a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, is called "clinical". Depending on the severity of the main symptoms of this disease, we can speak of mild or severe depression. But often, such states are sporadic.


A more serious form of depression is dysthymia, which is periodically repeated and prolonged (chronic) character. If the major symptoms of dysthymia are added symptoms of clinical depression, it is possible to talk about double depression.

Bipolar disorder

In other words, this state is called a manic-depressive syndrome. The main manifestations of this type of depression are sharp spontaneous mood shift - poor - good (euphoria) and vice versa. Scientists believe that the reason for this kind of disorder is the lack of certain substances for the full brain function. The positive outcome of drug treatment is possible in 80% of cases.

Seasonal depression

This type of depression can be caused by atmospheric agents. For example, some people may suffer from seasonal depression in the autumn-winter period, when not enough natural sunlight. The basis of the treatment of this disease is to ensure the necessary human illumination level.

There are some features of who is more prone to depression. For women affected by this serious disease is two times more than men, although from bipolar disorder are equally affected both sexes. Most often, depression affects people of age group 25 to 40 years, although cases have been observed in adolescents and older people. The development of unwanted symptoms of depression is influenced by such factors as the failed marriage, dissatisfaction with his partner, stress and others.

It happens that on their own to identify pathological symptoms of depression in humans is not possible, this can be dealt with only by a specialist and it may assign the patient to the correct complex treatment.


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