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Premature ejaculation in men

According to modern concepts such quite common today among the male population pathology as early ejaculation is the result of functional disorders on different levels of the nervous regulation. Therefore, in practice, experts distinguish the so-called cortical shape conjugate with pathological changes in the central nervous structures, and premature ejaculation, caused by dysfunction of peripheral nerve endings (increased sensitivity of the glans).

In the event of a first embodiment of premature ejaculation are important psychogenic factors, most fears. For example, when implemented as a teenager sexual intercourse taking place in a hurry because of the fear of being caught unawares.

In adults, the most common among prospective interpersonal factors, it should be noted the lack of trust between sexual partners, dissatisfaction with family life, the failure to resolve any disputes, the fear of a romantic and intimate relationships and sexual role conflicts.

Are there meaning and psychological factors such as stress, excessive anxiety, guilt, depression, unrealistic expectations of their own sexual activity, history of sexual repression in childhood and a general lack of confidence.

It is also possible early onset of ejaculation with a new partner only in certain situations either sexual after a long period of time after the previous ejaculation. In principle, it is quite common phenomenon as psychological factors and the environment are the causes of premature ejaculation dapoxetine tablets online. Often premature ejaculation takes place against the backdrop of a strong sexual arousal.

The cause of premature ejaculation can be affected by feelings, lack of communication between sexual partners, unresolved conflicts that prevent the achievement of emotional intimacy.

Scientists have considered and genetic relationship in relation to certain forms of premature ejaculation. Thus, according to released the results of one study, 91% of men suffering from lifelong premature ejaculation, were close relatives (the first line of kinship) to life early ejaculation. Other observations have shown that patients with this diagnosis have a faster neurological response pelvic muscles.

In some situations the cause of premature ejaculation occurs in the background organic pathology (diseases, injuries), hormonal imbalance, or becomes, a side effect of the use of certain medications or cancellation.


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