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Methods and tools to improve erections

The development of medicine at the present time is in many areas, including science does not shy away from such an important issue, as poor erection, or lack thereof, and its effective treatment. All of those skilled in the solidarity of the opinion that for men at any age it is important to manage his sex life. Sexual health is an integral part of the emotional state, overall health, and relationships with women. Statistics assigns peak sexual activity of the stronger sex in the age range from 20 to 30 years, followed by a gradual decline. In addition to age-related changes, there are also a number of causes of the problems with potency. At this point, each representative of the stronger sex a natural question arises: "How to support myself in shape and what to do with the weakening of potency?" The science has already developed a lot of ways and means to combat erectile dysfunction and improve the potency, even without the use of drugs, which are aimed at improving erection.

Erectile dysfunction (lack of erection in men) - a breach in the functioning of the penis, resulting in an inability to carry out a full sexual intercourse.

Techniques and methods for improving erection

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition helps to maintain the health of the men, an erection does not disappear, but rather keeps it at a high level. The main requirement for the diet - balance on the main components. To improve the potency of the menu for each day should be a variety of food, vitamins and minerals. For the treatment of erectile dysfunction problems (weak erection), you can see a specialist to design a special diet. As a rule, such diets have a separate requirement for fat content: it must be at a level of 30% (no more and no less). This is important due to the fact that lipids are important in the synthesis of male hormones. The optimal number of useful tea and coffee. These drinks contain caffeine, which supports the body toned and men has a positive effect on sexual activity. Often you can hear the opinion that after you drink one cup of tea or coffee erection increased significantly. To prevent erection problems, you should eat food and medicines, which contain vitamin E: it helps stimulate the functioning of the endocrine, muscular and reproductive systems.

Healthy lifestyle

For most of the stronger sex with one of the most simple and at the same time sophisticated ways of dealing with a weak erection is to change the lifestyle and habits. This path requires compliance with three basic requirements:

  • avoiding harmful habits (alcohol while taking erection disappears or is braked, smokers increased blood pressure observed, and begin to develop cardiovascular disease);
  • maintaining a normal body weight (overweight leads a person at risk for diabetes and one of its results - poor erection);
  • adherence of the day (for a healthy rest and sleep a person needs plenty of time - at least 9-10 hours per day).

Weak erections can be treated by passing the bath procedures, with a regular douche. It is also a great way - the impact on the active points of feet.

Regular sex life

As a rule, young people less likely than middle-aged men have problems with erection (potency may disappear or fade). This is due to the ability of a young body more responsive to psychological factors are driving, it is often an additional impact on the erogenous zones is not required. But regardless of age, each representative of the stronger sex to be striving for a regular sex life. Moderation sexual activity involves the exclusion of too frequent sexual contacts and partners shifts, as well as the rejection of prolonged abstinence. But sometimes a short interruption of sexual activity gives a significant increase in potency in men and increased desire.

The use of pills for erection

Currently in medicine developed many drugs to increase potency brand viagra online.Such means to restore erection doctor prescribed only after a detailed consultation. Stimulation of the weakened potency conducted under the strict supervision of a specialist.


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