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How to get rid of insomnia?

Insomnia - this is not just a complete lack of sleep, but also a violation of sleep, poor, interrupted sleep and waking up earlier. The reasons for sleep disorders (insomnia) a lot, but the main, perhaps, can be divided into psychological an

Psychological causes of insomnia

  • Cause fear, anxiety, stress throughout the day and, in particular, for two to three hours before bedtime. Most goes to insecure people, they are able to consider various options for the clock-making and, eventually, come to any of them
  • The excess of information (that count: a full-time mental work, then the problem of transmission on television or on the computer hard work after midnight - get 12-14 hours of brain strain.
  • Increased nervous excitability (it can also be a result of mental and neurological diseases, as well as feature the character. In the latter case, insomnia alprazolam comes when a person seeks in all his ways to achieve excellence and invests in activities too much emotional strength. He is essentially self whet ourselves and for business activities and it can be nice, but with regard to sleep and its quality ...
  • Violation of the traditional way of life (for most people sleep tradition nightly rituals are very important, it is also comes from childhood, when we were accustomed to go to bed on time, tell a bedtime story continued, kissing on the cheek, and laid on the left flank). When changing a habit, or simply grossly violated, the person falls into a state of irritability, perhaps not quite aware of.
  • Dissatisfaction with (not just what you think, and in general, any desire). It is very important for balance and for normal rest, a person at the end of his days he could find what he is for that day was satisfied. He may meet a deadline, I might finally wrote a letter to relatives, may simply paid attention to your body and performed exercises for the neck, broke up blood or indulge in a hot bath.
  • chronic heart disease, neurological problems, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gastro-intestinal tract. In general, any sickness can provoke insomnia. If a simple turn in bed causes pain, a person unconsciously tries less to move, frozen in not a very comfortable position and wait for sleep as deliverance. Naturally, the tension and fear of pain will not let him sleep.
  • Strangely enough, lack of exercise and activity. In this age of offices and offices, we are less and less moving, sitting in cars, sitting at work, sitting at home at the computer or TV. The tension that goes with normal physical activity, accumulates in the body. (It has been observed that the people of intellectual labor is five times more likely to suffer from insomnia than engaged in manual labor.)
  • The use of stimulants in the evening (cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, strong tea, cola, some medications, abundant fatty foods or flour)

INSOMNIA - WHAT TO DO? How to deal with insomnia?

  1. When insomnia is often enough to change their daily habits.
  2. At the end of a working day, it is desirable little walk before going to bed with a deep breath. Dinner should be light.
  3. For the deep sleep necessary to create certain conditions: to restrict to a minimum the flow of stimuli that affect the nervous system (all sorts of noise, outstanding light).
  4. Stuffy, hot room or, on the contrary, the cold can also cause shallow sleep.
  5. For someone needs a constant supply of fresh air, and someone on the contrary, the air vibrations interfere with sleep. The air temperature in the bedroom should not exceed 17-18 degrees
  6. An hour before bedtime exclude receipt of any information.
  7. Before going to bed is useful to take a 10-minute warm bath (37-38 deg.), Because it is a warm bath helps to relax, but not hot - it invigorates. Instead, common bath only a warm foot bath can be taken, but in any case, not a shower - it is a tonic. Warm foot bath relieve fatigue, calm the nervous system, improve sleep.
  8. Before going to bed should not drink strong tea and coffee. Brew herbal tea before going to bed of mint, lemon balm, oregano and other herbs and soothing drink with honey -. Good sleeping pills!
  9. Day recommended walks in the fresh air.
  10. Dinner - 2 hours before bedtime.
  11. If you woke up in the night and can not fall asleep, do not despair. Remember, insomnia still has not died. Try to distract from thoughts about insomnia, think about something pleasant, imagine it in the pictures, and you will not notice how to fall asleep. Also, you need to stand up and do some thing or read - it will distract you from anxious thoughts, and you will feel sleepy.
  12. It can be used for insomnia contrasts. Fold the blanket - until you feel that you are cold. Although it is unpleasant, wait a bit and only then pull the blanket. You will cover a pleasant feeling of warmth, and the bed, which had previously seemed uncomfortable, suddenly become a comfortable and desirable. Now you will be able to fall asleep easily.
  13. Experts advise to use the bed only for sleep, so that it does not cause other associations. TV, talk on the phone should be elsewhere.


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