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How to cure impotence?

Symptoms and causes of impotence

Male impotence or erectile dysfunction - the inability to achieve and maintain an erection. Symptoms of impotence occur in men as young as 30-40 years.

There are physical and psychological impotence. The causes of impotence may be psychological stress, life problems, dissatisfaction with men, for example, the small size of the penis, nervousness, anxiety, depression. Symptoms of impotence caused by psychological disorders are the sudden appearance of her problems in a relationship with a partner, maintaining spontaneous nocturnal erections.

For the treatment of psychological impotence is necessary to identify and eliminate its causes. This involved doctors, psychotherapists. In some cases, in addition to psychological impotence patient and identify signs of impotence caused by physiological disorders. For these patients, a course of psychotherapy and medication for impotence.

Erectile dysfunction is of a physical nature is manifested progressively and is characterized by a decline in the quality of erection and the disappearance of spontaneous night and morning erections. Causes of impotence caused by physiological problems are manifold. Common causes of impotence - a bad habit, namely alcoholism and smoking. Abuse of tobacco and prolonged use of alcohol leads to serious sexual disorders. One of the prerequisites of impotence is overweight. The causes of impotence can be different and circulatory system diseases - hypertension, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, heart disease, prostatitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system, nervous system disorders, myelodysplasia spine, intervertebral disc damage, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, trauma of the penis. Male impotence is common among people with diabetes mellitus. Impotence can occur as a result of hormonal disorders and taking certain medications.

Treatment of impotence

The question of how to treat impotence and whether it can be cured of concern to many men.

In most cases, impotence treatable. Modern medicine offers a variety of ways to treat impotence, but a serious obstacle on the road to recovery is the reluctance of many men to see a doctor with such a sensitive issue.

To restore the potency of the patient should make some effort - above all, to stop smoking. In many cases, the refusal to use tobacco signs of impotence caused by smoking, completely disappear. It is also necessary to limit the consumption of alcohol, lead to normal weight and exercise regularly. It is noted that physical activity prevents the development of male impotence.

How to treat impotence depends on the reasons therefor. In medicine, various methods are used to treat impotence, such as:

  • Treatment of impotence with medication drugs brand cialis online . This method has a high efficiency - 95%.
  • Impotence Treatment with injections of vasoactive drugs into the penis before intercourse. This is the most effective method among conservative methods of treatment of impotence.

Treatment of impotence surgical techniques rarely used in cases where conservative treatment is ineffective. Operational methods for treating impotence are used in case of infringement venooklyuzivnogo mechanism of the penis, in the case of insufficient arterial blood flow to the erectile tissue.

If you cause inconvenience its impotence treatment should not be delayed. Remember that in addition to such serious problems as the inability to have sex, impotence may indicate the presence of many diseases.

If you are worried about impotency treatment is started immediately!


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