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how to cure cough?

Cough - a reflex (uncontrolled) action aimed at protecting the lungs.

Cough is the most common reason for seeking medical attention, especially in young children. Although the cough may be a sign of a serious lung disease, most often it is still not the case. In most cases, cough occurs as a result of non-hazardous and short diseases.


The reasons may be many cough: colds and viral diseases, allergies, diseases of the digestive and cardiovascular systems your-antibiotics . Moreover, sometimes it occurs in response to nerve stimulation, for example, in acute embarrassment, or fear, and as a reaction to the intake of certain drugs, unpleasant odors.

Types of cough

  1. Dry (unproductive) is characterized by the absence of sputum. He can be:

    Barking, which is often accompanied by pain or sore throat, loss of voice. As a rule, this symptom occurs during the early days of viral diseases or as a reaction namehanicheskoe irritation.

    Paroxysmal, which occurs most often in tracheitis and bronchitis. Additional symptoms may be pain in the retrosternal region, shortness of breath.

  2. The wet (productive) is accompanied by sputum - expectoration. It is usually accompanied by wheezing, weight, chest pain, and the causes may be as "normal" virus and more severe pulmonary disease - bronchitis, pneumonia.

Chronic cough is more common in asthma. In mild asthma difficulty, wheezing is not observed, but patients may suffer from a prolonged cough, especially at night or during exercise. Any annoying light substances such as cigarette smoke or industrial chemicals can cause hronicheskiykashel. Coughing may be accompanied by a variety of allergies, such as hay fever or sinusitis.

Of course, sometimes a cough occurs when the more serious diseases, such as pneumonia (an infectious pulmonary disease) or cancer (lung cancer). Usually in such serious cases, there are other symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite, weight loss and general malaise.


The choice of tactics of treatment of cough depends on its type, as well as the reasons that caused it. In all its manifestations have a positive impact:

  1. Humidification of indoor air. Dry, hot air dry out the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, nose and throat, causing mucus congestion. But the humid air, on the contrary, facilitates the state accelerates the transition to a productive form of sputum improves waste.
  2. Drinking enough fluids, which dilutes the mucus and helps expectoration.
  3. Stopping smoking at least until recovery.

If the problem already exists, it is necessary as a method of safe, effective means of plant-based start as soon as possible - then the recovery will be quick, and feel great!


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