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Epilepsy treatment

Such diseases as epilepsy, is chronic, while it is characterized by the manifestation of spontaneous, rarely occurring, short-term bouts of epileptic seizures. It should be noted that the epilepsy, the symptoms of which are very pronounced, is a neurological disease the most common type - so every hundredth person experiences recurrent seizures on our planet.

Epilepsy: the main features of the disease

In considering cases of epilepsy, you may notice that it itself has the character of a congenital disease. For this reason, the first of its attacks occur in childhood and adolescence, 5-10 and 12-18 years respectively. This situation is not determined by any damage in the matter of the brain - changes only intrinsic electrical activity nerve cells. Also, a decrease in the threshold of excitability in the brain. Epilepsy is defined in this case as a primary (idiopathic), it is within its benign character, moreover, it also lends itself to effective treatment. What is important is the fact that the primary epilepsy, developing the specified scenario, a patient with age can completely eliminate the need pills.

As another form of epilepsy Epilepsy is marked secondary (or symptomatic). Its development occurs after brain injury and its particular structure or else it in violation of metabolism. In the last version of secondary epilepsy is accompanied by a comprehensive range of factors of a pathological nature (underdevelopment of brain structures, craniocerebral trauma, stroke, dependence on one or another of its embodiment, tumor, infection, etc.). The development of this form of epilepsy may take place regardless of age, the treatment of disease in this case lends itself to much more difficult online keppra Meanwhile, a complete cure is also a possible outcome, but only if it is completely eliminated by the underlying disease, epilepsy provoked.

The types of epilepsy

Manifestations of epilepsy advocate, as we have noted, in the form of attacks, and they have their own classification:

  • On the basis of the causes (primary epilepsy and epilepsy secondary);
  • Based on the location of the initial outbreak, characterized by excessive electrical activity (deep parts of the brain, the left or right hemisphere of his);
  • On the basis of the embodiment forming the developments in the attack (with loss of consciousness or not).

In a simplified classification of epileptic seizures, generalized seizures, partial release

Generalized seizures are characterized by attacks for which there is complete loss of consciousness, as well as control over the workflow. The reason for this situation is the excessive activation, typical of the deep parts of the brain that stimulates the attraction and then the whole brain. Are not necessarily the result of the state, expressed in the fall, because the muscle tone is disturbed only in rare cases.

The main symptoms of epilepsy

As we have already noted, in general, epilepsy is characterized by the emergence of a vast convulsive seizure. It begins, as a rule, suddenly, and without any logical connection with the external factors of type.

In some cases, it is possible to establish the time of the imminent onset of the seizure. For one or two days epilepsy, early symptoms of which are expressed in a general malaise, also points to a violation of appetite and sleep, headaches and excessive irritability as ambulances their precursors. In many cases, the occurrence of seizures is accompanied by the appearance of an aura - for the same patient it is defined as a character in a stereotypical representation. Aura lasts for a few seconds, followed by loss of consciousness, perhaps - fall, often accompanied by a kind of cry that caused arising glottis spasm of muscle contraction of the chest and diaphragm.

At the same time there are tonic convulsions, and in which the torso and limbs, being in a state of tension, stretch and head throws. Breathing thus delayed, are the neck veins swell. A person acquires a deathly pallor, the jaws are compressed under the influence of seizures. The duration of the tonic phase of the seizure is about 20 seconds, after which there are already clonic seizures, manifested in jerky contractions of muscles of the trunk, limbs and neck. In this phase, the seizure lasting up to 3 minutes, breathing often becomes crackling and noise due to the accumulation of saliva and ceasing language. There is also the selection of foam from the mouth, often with blood, which occurs due to biting the cheek or tongue

Gradually decreases the frequency of seizures, their end results in a complex muscle relaxation. This period is characterized by the absence of any response whatsoever irritants, regardless of their intensity exposure. Pupils are in the expanded state, there is no reaction to their exposure to light. Do not induce deep reflections and protective type, but quite often there is involuntary urination nature. Considering epilepsy, it should be noted in the vastness of its varieties, and for each of them is the presence of characteristic features of their own.

Epilepsy: First aid

Epilepsy, whose first symptoms may scare the unprepared person, requires a certain protection of the patient from the receipt of the possible injury during a fit. For this reason, when epilepsy first aid includes providing the patient with a soft, flat surface beneath it, which puts the body under the soft stuff and clothes. The body of the patient is important to release the tightening of objects (above all it concerns the chest, neck and waist). The head should be turned to the side, giving the most comfortable position for exhalation vomit and saliva.

Feet and hands to complete the fit should be a little hold, without opposing with convulsions. To protect the tongue from biting and teeth from possible fractures in the mouth put something soft (a napkin, handkerchief). break should not be The mouth being closed. Water can not be given at an attack. When going to sleep after a seizure to wake the patient should not be.

Epilepsy: Treatment

In the treatment of epilepsy applies two main provisions. The first is the selection of effective individualized types of medicines with their dosages, and the second - with long-term management of patients with the required administration and change doses. In general, treatment is focused on the creation of appropriate conditions for the restoration and normalization of the human condition in the psycho-emotional level with correction of irregularities in certain functions of internal organs, the treatment of epilepsy has focused on the causes provoking the characteristic symptoms and their elimination.


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